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The World UNIF Futnet Championship in Prague is approaching inexorably. For all those who can not wait, we bring up-to-date information on ticket sales.



Tickets are sold only in the packages as part of pre-sale to members of Czech Futnet Association and 1st wave of official sale. Separate tickets for each day will only be sold from the 2nd wave of official sales, if any tickets are still available.

PACKAGE = Friday + Saturday + Sunday.

Basic price categories:

  1. I. category – TOP sector on the lower level (long side of the pitch) from 1.490 CZK / package
  2. II. category – other sectors in the lower level from 1.290 CZK / package
  3. Club floor – the entire upper floor with exclusive access to the this floor only for ticket owners (includes*: VIP entrance, VIP cloakroom, welcome drink, guide, extedndedc range of alcoholic beverages from 1.890 CZK / package

*changes to the additional services of the Club floor are reserved

Waves of official sales

Pre-sale only to members of Czech Futnet Association
first half of December 2019 – first half of February 2020

1st wave of official sale
first half of February 2020 – September/October 2020


  • Number of tickets purchased per person / registration: 10 pcs.
  • The purchased package of tickets will be in the form of one package ticket valid for all 3 playing days (it is not necessary to print 3 separate tickets for 3 playing days, but it is necessary to keep the package ticket well to enter the stadium during the next playing days).

2nd wave of official sale
September/October 2020 – November 26th, 2020

Dissolving packages for purchase of separate tickets for individual days if any tickets are still available.


  • Higher prices than during the 1st official sale.
  • Number of tickets purchased per person / registration: 10 pcs.
  • The purchased ticket will allow the owner to enter the stadium only 1 playing day for which it was purchased.


Groups and prices*:

  • a. youth (up to 150 cm)
  • b. seniors (year 1955 and older)
  • c. wheelchair users (guide +1 CZK)

50% – pre-sale
40% – official sales

* If the owner of the discounted ticket does not prove to be entitled to a discount when entering the hall, he will be denied entry to the venue. A ticket for which the holder does not prove entitlement to the discount applied shall become invalid and shall constitute grounds for confiscation of the ticket without reimbursement of its nominal price or other compensation.