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Arena and tickets

Statement by the CNS President on the COVID-19

2. 4. 2020 | redakce
Our whole country is struggling with a pandemic caused by a new type of coronavirus COVID-19. which can be successfully fought especially by quarantine and strictly measures to prevent the transmission of disease between people, supplemented by consistent personal hygiene.

I know that this affects all of you personally and that you are following closely the decisions of government measures to protect us as much as possible and perhaps, in the near future, to return some activities that are now prohibited. Our sports activities have already been influenced by this fact and it will surely continue. That is why we bring you some information about the upcoming sport period.

Recently the situation in the Czech Republic does not mean that we could not organize the planned World Futnet Championship in Prague from 27th to 29th November 2020, we still have to prepare for the possibility. Especially to the possible restriction of the start of foreign participants, which would be affected by a possible ban on the entry of foreigners from certain destinations into our country.

We will also monitor these developments on an ongoing basis and make the related decisions well in advance of the lease and service contracts at O2 universum. Perhaps we will be wiser in a few months and learn from international events in other sports.

In no case the owners of the purchased tickets would not lose their money, because we would either return them or extend their validity to the new date of the World Futnet Championship, if it would be move to 2021.

Finally, I wish you all a lot of strong will, health and happiness in the fight against the virus. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are personally involved in helping others and in ensuring the emergency running of sports facilities.